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Are you attuned to your inner voice?


Can you relate to the feeling of not being able to be your true self in the circumstances you are in? To experiencing pressure, stress, and the resulting effects on your body and mind as you try to meet the expectations of yourself and others? Depending on how deep you are stuck in the rabbit hole, you might think that there is no way out, that you are just not enough to meet the demands, that you’ll have to continue to fight. But be mindful of the fact that in any given moment there are a plethora of choices available to you which can guide you out of the rabbit hole and into a life full of light and lightness.

Sarah Appelt had originally aspired to become a doctor in Germany after school. But her body and soul had signaled to her that this path would not allow her to truly be herself and nurture her wellbeing. Luckily, she was aware and courageous enough to follow her inner voice to a different kind of life, in India. You’ll hear about her journey of recovery from an eating disorder to a fulfilled, self-directed life in the interview.

Sarah is the founder of Chalo! Travels, a company that organizes tailored active, adventure, and yoga trips across India. She teaches Yoga, loves adventuring about the Himalayas, and has earned her spot on the front cover of an Indian fitness magazine as a female semi-professional mountain biker in India.

Sarah Appelt | WHYLD Podcast

Sarah Appelt

Founder of Chalo! Travels

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