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FAQ - What else should you know about us?

First off, WHYLD guest are hand-selected. We are looking for people who match our set of values. People who are sincere, kind, compassionate, wanting to share their story so that others can take value from it.

There are many ways to catch our interest. Some people cross paths with Tina during adventures abroad: working in a café in Australia, staying at a hostel on Tenerife, volunteering for bed and board in New Zealand.

Other human gems are discovered through dedicated research on specific topics, or simply when browsing YouTube, Instagram & Co.

Again others get recommended by former guests as well as audience members.

Would you like a certain topic to be covered or a person you know to become our guest? Contact us, we love audience recommendations!

Every episode is produced with lots of love and care. We take our time and prepare one gem for you each month. Publication date is each 15th.

Consistency is very important to us. We appreciate and honour that people from all over the world are waiting for a new episode to come out on each 15th.

If, for any reason, we do take a break, there will be an announcement on social media.

So make sure you follow us on social media and you will get any news right away!

Wherever you would like! Here, on our website, Spotify, Apple Podcasts / iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Deezer and in many more places.

Are we missing on your favourite platform? Let us know and we’ll make sure you can soon follow us there, too.

Leave your comments directly here on the blog, follow us on Instagram, visit our Facebook page, or sent us an email (see contact details down below).

WHYLD is a project from the heart. 

It is about sharing diverse perspectives on life, expanding your horizon on what’s possible for yours, inspiring you to walk your path even more boldly and authentically.

If you want to know how a tragic event in Tina’s life led to an obsession with authenticity, read the story here.

If you are a little like Tina, you weren’t born (or raised, for that matter) ready to ignore what other people think of you, make bold decisions, break free from conventions with ease, do what you please, be vulnerable and comfortable with that.

Could it be that you, too, are a people-pleaser, making sure everyone else is happy, reluctant to put your own needs first, keeping your vulnerable moments to yourself, always factoring in other people’s comfort with a decision you want make for your life? Could it be that you are holding back from expressing some aspects of yourself because they could create tension within your social environment? Could it be that you know, deep down, that you are not being as authentic as you want to be?

You are not alone in this!

It takes courage to be who you are. Whether it is a difficult decision you need to make, a life’s dream you shy away from, or something unconventional about you that requires being vulnerable with – we love who you are, the way you are.

Welcome to the WHYLD tribe.

The greatest gift for us is if you take away some inspiration from our content that propels you further on your authenticity journey!

The world is full of exciting topics! Every once in a while, we like to elaborate on them in one of Tina’s solo episodes. Got any topic suggestion? Let us know!

WHYLD: WHY + WILD: We are curious about people’s authentic selves, want to know what drives them (their WHY), what shaped their path in life, as well as what an exciting, fulfilling, authentic life looks like for them.

Hi, it’s me, Tina

10 facts about me:

  1. self-taught podcaster
  2. travel enthusiast
  3. good listener (well, makes sense…)
  4. psychologist
  5. queer
  6. loves a good cheesecake (GERMAN grandma style!)
  7. documentary film nerd
  8. in love with all fluffy beings (first and foremost: my super fluffy dog Ally!)
  9. for-every-book-read-there-are-three-additions-to-the-wish-list
  10. really good at singing musical theater songs badly

Our podcast depends on word of mouth. Do you resonate with our content? Then

Thank you very much!

We appreciate your support and will continue creating awesome content for you and those you care about.

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