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Are you putting others first & leaving yourself behind in the process?


There is no right answer to the question of how much sacrifice is adequate and what degree of egoism is healthy. Luckily, life is not about either/or. Our span of life provides plenty of room for taking care of others as well for exploration, self-expression, and goal pursuit.

When Bek Huynh was only a teenager, she made a decision to get her parents out of debt. She disobeyed her parents’ wish for her to pursue financial security by following a prestigious academic career. Instead, she paved her own path. Yet, carrying the financial burden of her family, Bek did not dare to follow her vocational teenage dream. Only now, at the age of thirty, amidst the economic roller coaster of COVID-19, did she decide to take a leap and tell financial security to queue at the back…

Rebecca Bek Huynh | WHYLD Podcast

Rebecca Huynh

Aspiring Paramedic

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