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What proof do you need to believe in your own resilience?


A lot of people tend to attribute their successes in life to external factors. Well, I was just lucky… I had help I couldn’t have done it without. This does not really foster one’s self-esteem.

But what if you swam across the sea for 21 hours without stopping, without touching anything solid, through glearing day and pitch black night? Even the humblest soul must then acknowledge the fact that she is nothing short of resilient and full of purpose.

I got to know Ashleigh a couple of years back as this humble, socially responsible person and knew nothing about her upcoming journey from being a bit shy to present herself in a swim suit to being an inspiring role model who crosses the English Channel.

Listen to her personal account of an impressive athletic achievement as well as inner adventure that has since touched and inspired many friends and strangers – like me. By her arduous passage from England to France, she helped raise funds for the British charity organization Safe Passage to, in turn, help unaccompanied child refugees reach Britain’s shore safely.

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