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Would you have it in you to cross the US on foot?


Well, in episode 2 you get to meet someone who did just that. Thomas Clemens walked the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), a long-distance hiking trail that stretches for 4270 kilometres, in 5 months and 13 days. Doing nothing but putting one foot after another, day after day, across snow-covered mountains and through the searing heat of the desert, Thomas proved how far willpower and a strong routine can take you.

Thomas’ mission is to help people like you and I manifest a healthy lifestyle that enables them to enjoy health and an abundant quality of life into old age.

Listen to this episode to hear Tom’s story. Learn about what made him embark on his PCT adventure, how the experience has changed his outlook, and what he thinks it takes to live a healthy, high-quality life.

Thomas Clemens | WHYLD Podcast

Thomas Clemens

Physiotherapist and Health Coach

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[…] new challenges await Thomas Clemens (Episode 2), who spent 5 rather… linear months hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, in his nowadays […]

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