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What is a Lobsterbird?


“As the saying goes: A fish and a bird could fall in love. But where would they live?”

Imagine recording a whole podcast episode on the topic of your name, just so you don’t have to repeat the whole story to every new person you meet individually. Welcome to the world of Lobsterbird!

Like their name, Lobsterbird as a person defies a short, unidimensional description. Multiprismatic, neuroemergent, and non-binary are but a few descriptors they like to use for themself.

Born to “an Asian woman and a white dude”, Lobsterbird’s path as a social chameleon, a wanderer between worlds, was predestined. As an artist, a healer, a guide, Lobsterbird’s mission is to help people find their purpose and transcend their limitations, in order to help build a better world.

This episode was born out of hesitation, a tension between different universes. Instead of turning away from the initial insecurities with one another, host and guest instead decided to go for exposure, exploration, and radical honesty with each other. What a magical experience!

Enjoy the episode to learn more about barkeeping crustaceans, virtual pilgrimages, and the transformational powers of rice fields.


In short, we talk about this in the episode:

  • White-Asian, male-female, arts-science – what is it like to be a builder of bridges between polarities?
  • 88 temples in 24 days – why Lobsterbird completed Japan’s Shikoku pilgrimage in record time and what a rice field can teach you.
  • Wormholes, wisdom, wonders – how Tina was challenged by Lobsterbird’s language but found: We are not that different after all.


Mentioned in this episode:

Lobsterbird | WHYLD Podcast Episode 43


photo courtesy of Lobsterbird

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