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WHYLD Podcast Is Not for You, Is It?

A podcast that orbits around authenticity – this is not for you, is it?⁠


It’s for the spirituals, the seekers, the lost ones… not you. You are authentic, you live with integrity, don’t you?⁠

But… do you?⁠

Do ever catch yourself saying yes when you want to say no, or no when you actually want to say yes?⁠

Do you ever feel your stomach clench at the thought of something but you choose to ignore it?⁠

Do you value not hurting other people’s feelings more than being able to say the truth?⁠

Do you think it would be uncomfortable if people at work knew certain things about your private life?⁠

Do the pieces of information or opinions you share differ depending on the social circle?⁠

Do you choose not to discuss certain topics even with your closest friends?⁠

Do you immediately know an answer to the question “If I could choose freely, would I still work in this job?”, and yet you find excuses for why you are not leaving?⁠

Do you feel like there is more to YOU than the labels your social environment attaches to you?⁠

Do you feel confined by the norms around you and question whether this is how it needs to be?⁠

Time to check in with yourself. Did you feel a gut response to any of these questions, a shy or emphatic “YES”?

The fact is, most of us live with some level of misalignment. And if this is a conscious choice, this is alright. ⁠⁠
No one is forced to tell or live their truth. And adapting to our social environment, taking care of other people’s feelings, or choosing safety over adventures of self-expression is okay. ⁠There is no wrong or right. ⁠The question is:

Are you happy and healthy in the way you express yourself?

Misalignment has a way of gnawing away at our happiness, our self-confidence, our physical and psychological wellbeing…⁠ You are the only one who gets to choose the right level of authenticity for you.⁠

Having said that, let me be frank with you:⁠

I am a people pleaser.⁠
I am a harmony addict.⁠
I am an adrenaline avoider.⁠
I am an over thinker.⁠
I am a hider.⁠
I am an adapter.⁠

I am not the most radically authentic person out there.⁠

Which is exactly why my soul has been hooked on the topic of authenticity, or integrity, or however you want to call it. I crave NOT being uncomfortable to be seen in all my richness, contradictions, weirdness, imperfections, me-ness. And I love witnessing others show their colours and learning from them. Learning from them about boldness, fear, connection, love, possibilities, setbacks, fulfilment, and generosity.⁠

I exist and I am not a rarity. This means that out there YOU exist. YOU, people who feel what I wrote here and who should be on either one side (or both) of the conversations we have on the podcast. ⁠

photo: Karolina Grabowska

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