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What if what you thought you wanted does not hold true anymore?

“The issue with phases of transitions is that they are exactly that: phases. They might start overnight and surprise the hell out of you. But then they will patiently accompany you until you figure out how to solidify the person soup that you have become.


It feels good to be consistent, to stay true to past statements and beliefs, to be the reliable, steady type of person.

But what if things that were valid in the past are overcome by reality? Can you be a consistent person AND change?

This solo episode is a vulnerable account of a difficult time, when three pillars of Tina’s identity began to sway at once, shaken by the tremors of a personal earthquake.


In this episode, Tina talks about:

  • Liquefaction of soil and of an identity
  • Reorienting after losing interest in a dream career
  • Acknowledging the need for fewer stimuli in life
  • Daring to navigate two romantic relationships at once
  • Finding the one thing that matters in this lifetime


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Tina greyscale | WHYLD Podcast

Tina Hewelt

Solo Episode

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