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When will you stop treating your passion as a hobby?



To Ady Parzentny, music is everything. Has been for decades. When the working day was over, he used to hit the rehearsal room and play the night away.

But making music for a living? Unthinkable. After all, is it really appropriate for a punk rocker to make money with his music?

Just when he got a taste of financial success through his music, the gravity of “ULP” (upper limit problem) would bring him back down.

Today, Ady lives his purpose as a music producer travelling the world full-time in his mobile record studio. Without earning a dime from this particular project, he supports local artists in countries like Marocco, Armenia, and Israel by recording and shootings music videos with them.

With all his generosity and modesty, is it still unthinkable for Ady to make a living out of his passion?

Listen and find out what had to happen from Ady then, an overworked IT employee in Poland, to Ady now, living his dream and crashing Warren Huart’s couch in L.A….

Adrian "Ady" Parzentny | WHYLD Podcast Episode 24

Adrian "Ady" Parzentny

Founder of Hit The Road Music Studio


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