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Can you be the same person that you are at home?


Before brushing off this question, pause and reflect. Why should you even ask yourself this? Why shouldn’t you be able to be yourself at work? Why should this be important, after all?

Workplaces are spaces in which we spend a whole lot of our time. It’s where we show up, challenge ourselves and others, learn, experience setbacks, laugh, fight, inspire, join forces, burn or bore out. It is an important space and we deserve to be seen, to be represented and included there. And to flip the coin: Workspaces are nothing without us, without our unique perspectives, without the momentum we start when we act with passionate authenticity.

Unfortunately, many companies lose out on the people they need to thrive… and are not even aware this is happening.

A story which this episode’s guest – diversity & inclusion expert Teagan Dowler – can attest. Teagan founded the “Blue Collared Woman” after experiencing what it was like to be a woman working in the heavy industries in Australia. And despite early warnings of her mentors, Teagan’s career thrived rather than faltered when she started blogging out loud about the heavy industry’s diversity issues.

As an organizational and leadership coach, she now helps organisations understand the cultural changes needed to incorporate a powerfully diverse workforce. And what the benefits are – for all parties involved.

The Blue Collared Woman | WHYLD Podcast

Teagan Dowler

Founder of the Blue Collared Woman

Find Teagan on

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