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Do you get the sex you want?



Oops, what a bucket-of-cold-water type of question. Especially for those of you who don’t usually find yourself in conversations about sex. Why should one even podcast about it?

Well… I dare say, sex, love, and relationships are a vital part of everyone’s life. This applies in some ways even to people who do not “practice” one or the other for any reason.

There is no wholesome, authentic living without integrating the body you have been given, your feelings, your desires, your connection to other people, your boundaries, your relationship with yourself. 

This episode features a brave woman who might not even call herself that. But sharing your relationship and sex life on a podcast and social media, so that others feel that they are not alone, requires courage.

Sex coach Alexa Bowditch, aka That Sex Chick, encourages us to let go of limitations, ask questions, and embrace what is true for us – because our pleasure is solely our own responsibility. 

Whether you currently consider yourself to be kinky or vanilla, mono or poly, single or partnered, straight or not – Alexa and her colleagues at Sex & Love Co have your back in exploring what’s possible in love, in sex, in life.

Alexa Bowditch | WHYLD Podcast Episode 26

Alexa Bowditch

sex coach and founder of Sex & Love Co.


Find Alexa on

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