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#Feb23 Gems From the Authenticity Community

Authentically Alive - Pexels - Photo by Juan Mendez

Sharing Is Caring

That’s why we are sharing our monthly top picks of resources from the (broadly interpreted) “authenticity realm”. As an inspiration, education, food for thought, and invitation to discuss.


Do you have recommendations for great blogs, articles, books, podcasts, videos? Comment down below!

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“Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity.”

― Coco Chanel

2023-01-30 Orly Levy

Do you have a list of life goals you keep chasing, feeling like you haven’t achieved enough yet, and you are running out of time? Keywords: Goal Setting, Searching for Happiness, Fear of Dying


General recommendation 

Who “deserves” love? What does love look like? This YouTube channel might expand your horizon regarding love, relationships & lifestyles. Keywords: Love, Diversity, Beyond Social Norms


Are there differing THEMES for gratitude? Do others perceive your gratitude for them the way you mean it? Keywords: Gratitude, Gifting, Understanding Differences

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photos: Juan Mendez

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