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#Dec22 Gems From the Authenticity Community

Authentically Alive - Pexels - Photo by Juan Mendez

Sharing Is Caring

That’s why we are sharing our monthly top picks of resources from the (broadly interpreted) “authenticity realm”. As an inspiration, education, food for thought, and invitation to discuss.


Do you have recommendations for great blogs, articles, books, podcasts, videos? Comment down below!

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“Truth is a point of view, but authenticity can’t be faked.”

― Peter Gruber

Living life authentically does not only ask us to embrace aspects of ourselves that we love, but also to embrace those we struggle with. Such as a body that does not function the way we want it to. Keywords: Long Covid, Health, Fatigue, Acceptance


A YouTube video that addresses the question: What can authenticity look like and how can you invite more of it into your life? Keywords: Truth, Courage, Social Media


Do you let circumstances shape your days, your life, and what you stand for? Or do you consciously choose your priorities and live accordingly? Keywords: Meaning, Purpose, Priorities



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photos: Juan Mendez

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