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Is “should” still part of your vocabulary?


“If it’s not a F*** YES, it’s a F*** NO!”

Alexandra “Allie” Elle has not always been this connected with the callings of her inner voice. The passionate writer lived with a severe eating disorder for nearly two decades. The anorexia that had once filled a void, lies slumbering now and serves as a beacon for when Allie strays from her truth.

Equipped with a wild curiosity, a fearlessness, and a radical love for what’s authentically human, she followed her soul on a nomad journey to self. From Canada, where she grew up, past a small island in the Atlantic, where she leaped and fell, all the way to Poland, where her roots called.

Listen to Allie share about her difficulties in navigating cultural clashes, reconciling the intellect and heart, making truthful decisions – and erroring at times.


In short, we talk about this in the episode:

  • How the way you are eating might reflect your connection with yourself.
  • How a “head person” might find access to their heart’s voice.
  • What you might want to know about the local culture before moving to the Azores…


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Alexandra Elle | WHYLD Podcast Episode 40

Alexandra "Allie" Elle


photo courtesy of Alexandra Elle

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