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What if you chose YOU today?



“By making that choice I became significantly happier. And from then on, every time I made a choice that literally felt authentic, I would gain freedom, I would gain happiness.” 

Those are the words of Sam Sheppard. A kind woman with a big heart and a beautiful warm laugh. A teacher all her life, a facilitator with engaging energy. An eloquent speaker who can lift you up by the craft of words.

Also, a woman scarred by childhood bullying, having struggled all her life to feel “enough”, and later battling crippling anxiety. But she would not let you see this other side of hers.

For many years, Sam felt like she had to be certain ways to be accepted, burying the Sam that she really was under layers of shame and people-pleasing.  Until, with all the resources consumed to hide and hold it all together, she had no more energy to get through the day.

There was only one way out left… stop the pretence.

As she leaned towards her truth, Sam started to heal.

Today, she is still on a healing journey and helping others embark on the same. Listen to her story…

Sam Sheppard | WHYLD Podcast Episode 23

Sam Sheppard

Coach & Facilitator


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