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Does your way of asking questions get you ahead or does it set you back?


We pose questions all the time, out of a desire to understand, to connect, to get clearer on a course of action, to challenge others, and a million more reasons. Questions are such a basic component of our linguistic toolkit, rarely do we pay attention to their power. Yet, questions are far from being innocent or incidental. A question has the power to alter the course of a life, conjure up harm and hurt, trigger beautiful growth in a person, recalibrate someone’s world view – all in an instant. Asking a question is setting a direction, like beating a track into the jungle, preparing the recipient of our question to follow us in thought, emotion, and action.

Knowing that it is our duty to measure carefully how we make use of this tool. But let’s not get dragged down by earnestness here – it is also our privilege to play with it and see how much value we can give by getting really good at asking questions! Whether it be in your family, your community, your company, your organization – you can help transform these environments by setting the right direction and starting healthy conversations for mutual growth.

In this episode, you will learn how to turn the usual problem-solving approach upside down by not focussing on what’s currently not working. Instead, you will hear about the benefit of focussing exactly on what is or has been working for you, what strengths your company can draw on, on what is making you or your community special… in order to get to where you want to be.

Hop on and enjoy the ride!

The following books have been an inspirational source for this episode and are a recommended read:

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Higher Quality Questions,
Higher Quality Answers

Solo Episode

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