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Have you ever, during your travels, had a conversation that was so beautiful, so rare, so impactful that you wished others could have witnessed it?



A fleeting moment in time, sharing your universe with a person whom you will likely never meet again. The stranger at the café in Marrakesh, the trucker in New Zealand, the villager in Tonga. Sharing these precious opportunities of diving into another person’s world, learning about other ways of looking at and spending life is basically the reason why WHYLD Podcast exists.

For Erik Lorenz, it was his conversation with a German Lieutenant in Cambodia whose passion was to clear the soil from landmines. Erik sought a format to convey this and hundreds of conversations to follow with the world – and found it in podcasting. A couple of years later, he is the creator of several very successful travel and adventure podcasts including “Weltwach” (German) and “Unfolding Maps”. He is also the author of more than a dozen books. Driven by passion, he did not plan to trade his job at a marketing firm for being a full-time entrepreneur. However, when you are on the path of purpose, you might involuntarily end up being too successful to not take a leap with it…

Erik now lives in LA with his husband. From there, he roams our planet, physically or virtually, in search of inspiring voices and their stories about adventurous travels, humbling expeditions, cultural diversity, nature’s beauties and a mutual appreciation for all of this.

Erik Lorenz | WHYLD Podcast Episode 21

Erik Lorenz

Host of Weltwach & Unfolding Maps Podcast


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