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Have you ever questioned feeling pity for someone with a disability?


This conversation might make you do just that. 

Kara Scott had been confronted for years with strange neurological symptoms and vague diagnoses that would make a spelling champion break a sweat. Her life changed for good when, on the flight home after a family vacation, paralysis hit from her chest down. She has got every reason to resent her fate, or so one might think. But she won’t buy that. 

This energetic mum of two will teach you a great deal about finding humour in grim situations and taking them head-on as an opportunity to grow. On Instagram, Kara reaches out to people as a role model for a positive, appreciative outlook on life no matter what. In doing so, she chooses to hide nothing, to be open and raw. 

In this WHYLD Podcast episode, Kara sheds light upon what impact her disability has on everyday life situations and on how able-bodied people interact with her. On the ride, we touch on topics like finding acceptance as a control freak, the nature of real compassion, and why falling out of the wheelchair onto the bathroom floor is not so bad after all. 

Be prepared for an optimism boost. And remember – the glass is not only half full, but it does also provide plenty of space to capture every one of life’s gifts pouring in!

Kara Scott | WHYLD Podcast

Kara Scott

"Happy Paralysed Mum"

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