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How well are you connected to who you truly are being at the core?


What might sound like an awkward question to some is a game changer once we actually open up to it. We are more than our name, our profession, our history. Jason Stephenson, the creator of guided mediation and affirmation recordings, reflects on how mindfulness helps to strip away those superficial layers of identity and to get closer to your authentic being and your calling in life.

In the true spirit of 2020, this episode frames the notion of life’s challenges being a meditation in itself that has been presented to us for a reason, and upon which we are called to create something new, something good.

Jason, too, has pushed through struggles in life, as a child, sensing that he was different from other children, and as an adult, going through a time of drug abuse. It was when he decided to record a guided mediation and affirmation CD called “I believe in me” for children, to help them feel valued no matter how different they thought they were, that a new journey began for him. Years later, he has founded several companies, runs multiple very successful YouTube channels, and contributes to the wellbeing of people from all over the world with his work.

Be inspired by this kind-hearted, thoughtful Ozzie soul.

Jason Stephenson | WHYLD Podcast

Jason Stephenson

Creator of Guided Meditations

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