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“Why do white people hate black people?”


This is an honest question which people visiting Candidly Speaking events seek answers to. In other contexts, (white) people might read this as an accusation and begin to push back – but not in the intimate space️ Adolpha Cole & her team create for their participants.

Candidly Speaking is a concept for authentic conversations between people from all walks of life – on topics that have the potential to divide as much as unite them.️ The key is to listen without judgement, to invite and embrace someone else’s real experience.

Feeling the social tension in the US deepen, running in political trench lines and on the streets, where George Floyd was killed by police men in 2020, Adolpha needed to talk. And so did others.

Starting at a community library where people could listen and liberate and learn, Adolpha soon was encouraged to offer Candidly Speaking sessions in schools, in companies, in government spaces.

The former writer for television and music productions heard the call and is now setting up an organization to do her part for unity and peace in the world.

Listen to her story… 

Adolpha Cole | WHYLD Podcast Episode 22

Adolpha Cole

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