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Have you ever been on a pilgrimage?


“The Camino de Santiago […], known in English as the Way of St James, is a network of pilgrims’ ways or pilgrimages leading to the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain.” (Wikipedia)


On May 17th 2023, Tina is starting off on a big adventure and physical challenge: Walking the Camino Portugués, a 250+ (depending on the variation) kilometre path from Porto, Portugal, to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. On foot, in about 2 weeks.

The Camino Portugués is part of the Camino de Santiago’s network of paths spanning Europe. Hundreds of thousands are arriving at Santiago’s cathedral each year, celebrating their accomplishment, and hugging fellow strangers who, too, have come from far to experience the transformative magic of Camino.

In an age when fast-and-far travel is available to many, witnessing every step of the way, like a chain of hundreds of thousands of moments, is a unique call for presence and deceleration. The slowness and sweat, the repetition and reflection, offer the kind of answers and change that many a pilgrim sets out for.

In this semi episode of WHYLD Podcast, you learn about the Camino de Santiago and are invited to follow Tina’s journey.

Do check out WHYLD’s Instagram & Facebook accounts for a personal pilgrimage report by Tina.


Would you like more info on the Camino? Check out:


Tina greyscale | WHYLD Podcast

Tina Hewelt

Solo (Semi-)Episode

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[…] general info on the Camino de Santiago / Camino Portugués here, as I have already published a podcast episode on the matter. Also, I have documented my very personal pilgrimage for you on […]

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