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How authentic do you allow yourself to be, truly?


“Given the big role working plays in our lives, it would be a big loss if we couldn’t be ourselves at work, wouldn’t it?”

This episode is special. You are not going to meet a stranger and hear about their version of an authentic life. Instead, it is all about YOU.

This episode is a guided visualization exercise, an invitation to reflect on your level of authenticity in important areas of your life, namely your relationships and your work life (no matter what you consider your work to be, e.g. employment, self-employment, volunteering, studying, homemaking, care work, studying etc.).

You will be tuning into the language your body uses to signal that you are straying from your truth in unhealthy ways. And what it feels like when you are in alignment.

You will be able to identify situations and environments in which you suppress your authentic self… and, thus, identify opportunities to change thanks to your heightened awareness.


I will be guiding you to reflect on questions like:

  • Do you alter your appearance for work, and how does that make you feel?
  • Who are the people in whose presence you feel tense and inhibited?
  • Is it uncomfortable for you just to sit with yourself – exposed to your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations – without a distraction?
  • When do you feel most alive, and how can you tell?

I invite you to give this episode – this guided journey – an honest try.

If you prefer READING the exercise instructions, you can find them in this blog article.

Let me know what you thought of the exercise and this format of a guided visualization / reflection in general!

Thank you & much love



In short, we talk about this in the episode:

  • How does your body let you know when you are in alignment – and when you are straying from your truth?
  • In which situations or environments do you suppress your authenticity?
  • How could you change that?
  • If you made that change, how would your life be different?
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Tina Hewelt

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