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A life happening on land, a vacation on a boat…



… we have heard of that option before. But who says it can’t be the other way round? 

Former electrical engineer Brian Trautman figured an 18-month sabbatical at sea would get him over a “freakout about life” when he left shore in Seattle back in 2009.

He went all in, sold his house, his cars, left his career – all in exchange for a 53-foot, 2-mast beauty called Delos and the promises of a vague future.

12 years later, the land is where Brian retreats for a sabbatical whenever he feels like taking a break from sailing. For 12 years – impressive even for the most ambitious among globetrotters and sabbaticalists – he has rewritten what a “normal life” for him could look like:

Diving, beach walking, collecting visa stamps in his passport, seeing the world’s most beautiful spots – and sharing it all with the community on YouTube for a living.

Speaking of community, “SV Delos”  is more than just Brian. Over the years, many crews, including total strangers and sailing rookies, have enjoyed their time underneath the sails of Delos.

Nowadays, it is mostly Karin, Brian’s wife and Swedish princess, as well as little Sierra, their daughter, who rock the boat alongside Brian.

In this episode, Brian shares with you his experience and practical advice on a number of topics, such as:

  • how to prepare for travelling the earth on a sailboat
  • what the perks and the nightmares of a life at sea really are
  • how to get over “I am not ready yet”
  • what to think about when planning to raise a child on a boat

Now, what is a dream YOU have and risk forgetting until you retire (or maybe never)? Are you sure that this dream would stand in the way of you creating a sustainable life for yourself… or could it well be the start of it?

Brian Trautman and his daughter steering the sailing boat

Brian Trautman

Long-term sailor & YouTuber

photo courtesy of Brian Trautman

Find Brian on

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